ABSTRACT RECYCLING 2012: The Art of the Dump
2nd Annual Sculpture Exhibit
A Provenance Center Exhibit at the North Stonington Transfer Station
215 Wintechog Hill Road, North Stonington, CT

JUNE 30 � JULY 31, 2012

OPENING RECEPTION SATURDAY, JUNE 30 from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.
The exhibit is open to the public Tuesdays from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. or by appointment.

"Temple of the Ancients" (detail) by Deb Aldo & RT Spitz
"We're reminded a hundred times a day to buy things, but we're not
reminded to take care of them, repair them, reuse them, or give them away."
~ Michael Jacobson, Center for the Study of Commercialism

In collaboration with the Town of North Stonington, Provenance Center is pleased to present its 2nd Annual Abstract Recycling Exhibit at the North Stonington Transfer Station. As with last year's show, this exhibit offers a collection of sculpture created entirely from recycled materials, much of which originated at the recycling center operated by the town of North Stonington, Connecticut. The show includes works by Deb Aldo, Dan Potter, RT Spitz and Troy West.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, residents of the United States generate approximately 4.6 pounds of trash per day per person. This translates into 251 million tons of waste per year - about twice as much as that generated by citizens of most other industrialized countries. While approximately 30 percent of this trash is recycled or composted and about 12 percent burned, more than 50% ends up buried in landfills across our nation and outside our borders. Currently in the US, we are producing 60 percent more trash than we were twenty years ago. Our "consume and discard" society and culture continues to lead us towards an irreparable environmental situation. For our children and grandchildren, we are leaving a legacy of pollution and planet-wide destruction as our land, air and oceans become increasingly degraded by years of ecological abuse and neglect.

It is our hope that this art exhibit will present a chance for all to reflect upon the environment in which we not only live, but actively participate on a daily basis. As we are all members of a human family, we should recognize our membership in a natural family, making choices each day that, however small, impact the world in which we live.


"Toxic Reef" by RT Spitz    
As we continue to dump waste into the oceans, the ecosystems which have existed from the earliest times become increasingly destroyed. Most of us never see this, most have no real idea of the harm being done and how the balance of life on Earth depends upon our oceans, reefs and undersea world. All life is interconnected-every part of this planet is our �backyard�. RT Spitz



"The term 'abstract recycling' is meant to signify the joining of artistic expression with the act of recycling. Just as art has the ability to create harmony and beauty in the world, the act of recycling is a statement that we respect and care for our world, and wish to preserve and maintain its harmony and natural beauty." ~ RT Spitz


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